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Welcome to the gorge zipline: Where groups soar together!

At The Gorge Zipline in beautiful Saluda, North Carolina, adventure knows no bounds. We’re thrilled to be your go-to destination for group outings that are sure to leave you breathless! Whether you’re a school group seeking an educational thrill, a corporate team looking to boost camaraderie, or friends and family yearning for unforgettable bonding experiences, The Gorge Zipline has something for everyone.


Schools & Camps

Groups at Camp

Calling all educators and camp leaders! The Gorge Zipline isn’t just about adrenaline-pumping adventure; it’s also an immersive learning experience that brings textbooks to life. Here’s why your students and campers will be raving about their zipline tour:

  • Unleash the Power of Nature:  Our zipline tours offer a unique opportunity for students to connect with the natural world. Soaring through the treetops, they’ll witness the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains from a whole new perspective.
  • Education with Every Zip:  Our knowledgeable guides double as nature enthusiasts and educators. They’ll share fascinating tidbits about the local flora, fauna, and geology, making learning fun and engaging.
  • Build Confidence and Courage:  Ziplining promotes personal growth by encouraging students to face challenges head-on. Conquering their fears and conquering our ziplines go hand in hand!

Corporate Groups

Corporate Groups at Camp

For corporate groups, The Gorge Zipline isn’t just an adventure; it’s a catalyst for team-building success. Here’s why you should consider us for your next corporate outing:

  • Boost Team Cohesion:  Our zipline tours are designed to foster teamwork and trust. Your employees will rely on each other as they navigate the courses, strengthening bonds and improving communication.
  • Stress Relief and Rejuvenation:  Step away from the office and into the serene wilderness. A day at The Gorge Zipline is a chance for your team to recharge, reduce stress, and return to work with renewed energy.
  • Accommodations for All Levels:  Whether your team includes seasoned adventurers or first-time zipliners, our courses are tailored to accommodate all skill levels. Everyone can participate and grow together.

Friend & Family Groups

Friends Group at Camp

Are you seeking thrilling adventures that will bring you closer to your loved ones? Look no further—The Gorge Zipline is the ideal destination for friend and family groups:

  • Create Unforgettable Memories:  Ziplining is an exhilarating experience that you and your loved ones will reminisce about for years to come. It’s a unique way to bond while making unforgettable memories.
  • Celebrate Special Occasions:  Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, an anniversary, or simply the joy of being together, our zipline tours add an extra layer of excitement to any celebration.
  • Challenge and Support:  Push each other’s limits and provide encouragement as you navigate our courses. The shared sense of accomplishment will deepen your connections.

Ready to soar together at The Gorge Zipline? Contact us today to book your group adventure and discover why we’re the ultimate destination for unforgettable experiences, learning opportunities, team-building, and cherished memories. Discounted pricing is available for Groups of 8+ when booked on a single reservation.

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Option 1: tHE original tour

For more than 10 years, The Gorge Zipline has delivered five-star-worthy tour experiences for groups of all types and sizes. Our original tour includes everything we are known and loved for, with guides prepared to welcome you as a large group to adventure through the treetops of the Green River Gorge. Each tour departure time accommodates 8 adventurers. Have a larger group? We’ll simply book you into back-to-back tour departure times, one after another. Our discounted rate of $119 per person is available for groups of 8 or more guests.

    • 11 Ziplines
    • 3 Rappels
    • 1 Skybridge
    • A 3.5 to 4-hour adventure!

Book Now

Gorge Bridge Platform

$119 Per Person
(for groups of 8+ people)

Option 2: the Quick Flight – Available starting jan. 1st!

For groups that have more limited time to devote, our Quick Flight tour is the perfect way to pack some fast and unforgettable fun into your day! Available exclusively for groups of 8 or more guests, this tour includes our first three ziplines, which provide memorable views of the beautiful Green River Gorge, followed by a small hike back to our Outpost. After your tour, we suggest you gather ’round our picnic tables or hang out on our scenic back deck to debrief and enjoy a beverage or two!

  • 3 Ziplines
  • 1 Hike
  • A 1 to 1.5-hour adventure!

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Gorge Zip 1

$69 Per Person
(for groups of 8+ people)

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