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Become a FREQUENT FLYER and your membership gets you UNLIMITED zip trips at The Gorge at 22% OFF!

Here are the details:

Become a Frequent Flyer by purchasing a Membership for $50 and your Membership gets you UNLIMITED zip trips at The Gorge for 22% OFF each ticket.

And, yes, you can use your Frequent Flyer discount for your family and friends zipping with you. Your discount will automatically apply to everyone on your reservation.

A Frequent Flyer Membership is $50, and it’s good for an entire year.

Once you purchase a membership, you’ll receive an Order Number in your confirmation email. This number with the letters FFM preceding the Order Number will be your Frequent Flyer number and can be found by any of our reservation staff. We’ll also send you a membership card in the mail. It will contain a personalized code that will automatically apply your Frequent Flyer discount when booking online or over the phone.

And! As a Frequent Flyer, you’ll get 20% off any purchases from our Outpost - photos, t-shirts, hats, beer… everything!

Enter your Frequent Flyer number in "PROMO CODE" field when booking online.

The Fine Print

Membership is valid for 1 year. Membership fee is non-refundable. Membership has no cash value. Reservations required.

Please allow 24 hrs from the time of Membership purchase for your Frequent Flyer Number to be activated.

Reservations can be made by visiting TheGorgeZipline.com or by calling us at 828.749.2500. Please refer to your Frequent Flyer Number when booking to apply discounts. Enter your Frequent Flyer number in "PROMO CODE" field when booking online.

All Participant Requirements, Cancellation, and Weather Policies apply to all reservations made with a Frequent Flyer Member discount. Please review these policies HERE.

This program is intended for your personal use, and may be used for friends and family zipping with you, but your code should not be shared publicly. We reserve the right to suspend or revoke any membership being used in fraudulent or abusive ways – like sharing it on online forums, with your entire office, your fraternity, meet up group, book club, or attempting to re-sell our trips. Since this is a pilot program, we reserve the right to cap the number of memberships we sell in a year.