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Your Daily Awe

We are constantly overwhelmed with awe here at The Gorge.

There are moments throughout life that leave you feeling a sense of awe – seeing a dramatic view, watching someone break an athletic world record, listening to a musical composition, even something as simple as seeing a dog catching a ball out of the air.

We are constantly overwhelmed with awe here at The Gorge. Watching the seasons come and go, seeing the forest grow and change, and encountering wildlife (at a safe distance, of course) on a daily basis. If you’ve ever flown down the course at The Gorge you will know very well how powerful and present the sense of awe was within you throughout your whole trip. Those feelings can occur while actually zipping and they can also occur while you are standing on a platform 75ft up in a tree absorbing the vastness of the scenery.

Wondering why we are rambling on about awe? According to a recent study, your health can positively benefit from experiencing awe. One of the most remarkable effects perhaps is that bodily inflammation can be decreased after experiencing the feeling. It’s incredible that a feeling we probably take for granted most of the time can do so much for the body. Come fly with us, it’ll do the body wonders!