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Wrap Up an Experience for Christmas

Fuel the Fire of Adventure this Holiday Season

"Don't exist. Live. Get out, explore. Thrive. Challenge authority. Challenge yourself. Evolve. Change forever.” -Brian Krans

Holidays are a time of year to show the people you love just how special they are. Easier said than done right? You want to give them something meaningful that they know came from the heart. We’d like to suggest giving an experience rather than things? Here is why…

Experiences Help Build Character
Over the past decade the battle between purchasing material things versus an experience has gone on, but each passing year puts experiences farther and farther ahead. Research shows experiences expand your mind, introduce you to new prospectives, help you conquer fears, create memories, and strengthen bonds. “We are the sum total of our experience”.

Experiences Improve Social Relations
Experiential purchases enhance and strengthen social relations more than material goods. Think about it, do you really bond with material things? Probably not (unless you think your motorcycle is your 3rd born child). But a day at The Gorge? You are most definitely bonding with your friends or family. Screaming, laughing, expanding, and enjoying life. Also, research shows that people who have more frequent social interactions live longer, experience less stress, depression, and live healthier lives. Little bits of happiness spread out throughout the year add up to one amazing year. Possessions, on the other hand, do very little to contribute to our relationships.

Experiences Make You Want Less Stuff
More experiences equate to less envious behavior and less trying to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. Our world becomes bigger and bigger with each life experience. And besides, would you rather be at a party and have a conversation about the latest features of an iPhone or about the crazy zipline adventure you had with your friends? I know which one I would pick!

Experiences Improve Your Well-Being
Research shows that people have a sense of greater well-being from experiences and see them as a better use of money than material things. One reason for this might be the satisfaction of an experience actually increases over time, whereas a material purchase decreases over time. Think about it…even misadventures can turn into a good story to laugh about over time. Live - Learn - Laugh.

So this holiday season consider giving that special someone a sense of adventure, a broader horizon, a conquered fear, or an unforgettable story. Just remember…things fade, but experiences and memories grow sweeter with time. Check out our holiday packages that include our brand new adventure journals for that perfect gift this holiday season.

Holiday Adventure Package