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Why The Gorge Should Host Your Company’s Next Outing

Don't Take Our Word For It...Read What People Are Saying.

The Gorge team

Our previous post touched on the importance of team building. Not the cheesy trust exercises you do in the office conference room, but the benefits you can get from stepping outside of your comfort zone and tackling the challenges of a steep zipline course or a rushing whitewater river.

Now that you know why team building is important for your business, let’s examine why you should choose The Gorge Zipline Tour for your next company outing. Don’t just take our word for it – read on to hear from our customers about how we can meet and exceed your expectations.

1. The booking process is easy
Give us a call at (828) 749-2500 to book your Ziplining adventure today, or you can easily make a reservation in our system online. Group discounts are available. With our close proximity to city centers including Asheville, Hendersonville, and Greenville, you’re just a short drive away from the Steepest Fastest Zipline in America!
--“Easy and Friendly”
--“Easy and straight forward”

2. The staff are professional
At The Gorge, we’ve been zipping through our old growth trees since 2013. All our guides are ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) certified, so you can rest easy knowing your team is in our capable hands.
--“The Gorge is one of the most well run. All employees show a genuine care for The Gorge, the business, and the customers.”
Reed Mckenzie-Pavillion
--“The Gorge crew is super professional and friendly, and it was really nice to just show up and be their guests.”

3. The experience is memorable
In-office team-building experiences are about as memorable as last week’s emails. Ziplining through the trees at 35 mph? Come find out for yourself! In our experience, you aren’t likely to forget your visit to The Gorge.
--“There were lots of laughs and just general enjoyment. It's great to share such a good and positive experience with your

Gorge team in water

4. You gain a new perspective
Broaden your horizons by taking on a n
ew challenge with friends and co-workers. When you step outside of your comfort zone and take on something new, you learn valuable lessons that you can apply to many other facets of your life.
--“It's always important for groups to get out of the box they typically interact in. This helps for new perspectives an appreciations of the group as well as reminders of the group's true purpose.”
--“The team of people you work with shares a lot of experiences together. But the vast majority of those experiences are related to work and deadlines, and are often a little stressful. It's great to spend a day with your coworkers doing something that's completely unrelated to your work and get to interact with people in a different environment. “

5. You level the playing field
It’s unlikely anyone in your group will have ziplined before, so The Gorge puts everyone from interns to managers on a more equal footing than what they experience at the office. At the same time, it gets your entire team working toward the same goal and provides ample opportunities for bonding.
--“We got to interact with each other in a new environment where we were all on the same level. None of us were more experienced, knowledgable, or skilled. We all got to overcome some fears in a safe environment. We got to see each other be a little more clumsy and maybe a little less graceful then we might be at work, which is a great way to open up a little more with each other.”
Yonton Mehler - VP of Operations at Astral Designs

6. You’ll be the coolest boss
So maybe this isn’t as high on the priority list, but hey… Do you want to be the boss that imposes cheesy team-building exercises on a busy, stressed out team, or the one that gets them outside to have an incredible, memorable experience in the treetops of The Gorge? Earn some points with your employees while giving them an opportunity to bond with one another and become a more effective unit.

Reach out here and discover how The Gorge can host the ultimate company getaway!

The Gorge team