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Valentine's Day Plans up in the Air? They should be!

What will you do this year for your love?


The grocery stores are stocking their shelves with stuffed animals, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, flowers, and gifts embellished with pinks and reds… Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and the pressure to plan the perfect day can be daunting. What will you do this year for your love?

Instead of the expected dinner or movie night, plan a little something different. How about an exciting surprise trip to come fly down the steepest and fastest zipline canopy tour course in America? We are less than an hour from Asheville NC, Greenville SC, and Spartanburg SC, and under two hours from Charlotte NC. Just the right distance for a romantic day trip to one of the most picturesque gorges in Western North Carolina; the Green River Gorge. All you need is a little adventure to spice up your Valentine’s Day, and we’ve got it!

Imagine yourself on the edge of the platform, about to watch your loved one descend down the first cable, their eyes full of excitement. A big smile and a thumbs up and they’re off! Our course is exhilarating and naturally stunning any time of year, but it is particularly unique in the Winter. The undulations of the forest floor are dramatically vivid when there is no foliage to interfere with the view below. Additionally when the trees are bare, the long-range views become even more expansive. As you glide into the platform and come to a stop, you’ll see the smiling face of your special loved one eagerly waiting to share their excitement about how amazing their ride was. That sounds like a perfect Valentine’s Day adventure. You can always go to dinner and a movie afterwards!