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Thrive Spotlight: Dick Collett

82 and Still Hiking, Rafting and Ziplinging


"Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength." Betty Friedan

We had the honor to spend the day with Dick Collett and his son Steve recently at The Gorge Zipline. Watching an 82 year old from Greenville cruise down The Gorge zipline is impressive enough, but once he started to tell us his story we were really impressed.

Dick is what you would call a doer. Dick started our his engineering career at Cape Canaveral right out of college and continued to work for NASA for many years in California, Cape Canaveral, and Kennedy Space Center. Dick was responsible for the final inspection on 3 spacecrafts, including Apollo 11 at Kennedy Space Center. He can actually say he helped put a man on the moon-how cool is that?! On top of working for NASA, Dick also helped build Disney World and worked for Ford Research and Development for many years. Dick is one of those people who retire, start a new business, sells it, retires and then starts another company.

Finally retiring in his late 70’s, Dick decided to spend his time in the outdoor checking off his bucket list. From kayaking, sailing, rafting, climbing, hiking, ziplining and his favorite snorkeling, he has traveled to 59 countries and has yet to quit living life to the fullest. Much of this is done with his 2 sons in tow. His passion for the outdoors has created both sons to be very active in the outdoors, as well as all his grandchildren. Dick is a man who believes in leading by example and showing his family the endless possibilities life has to offer.
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