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The Secrets of Leaf Season at THE GORGE

An inside scoop on how to maximize your fall trip to The Gorge

Fall is possibly our favorite time of year. Mother Nature shows off her true colors and turns the forest into a kaleidoscope. Here is an inside scoop on how to maximize your fall trip to The Gorge.

  1. The best time to experience leaf season at THE GORGE are the second and third weeks of October.  
  2. If you want views AND color, come the first week of November.  The top will give you the view and the bottom will give you the color.  
  3. Due to the extremely bio diverse fauna of the gorge, you will see leaves in every shape, size and color. 
  4. The Gorge is about 1 week behind Asheville for peak leave
  5. With this year’s Goldie Locks summer (not too hot or dry) and the warm sunny September days and cool nights will make this year’s leaf season off the hook. 
  6. The southern Appalachians are home to dozens of tree species, which makes the fall color vary and last longer (about 8 weeks) than the northern states.  
  7. THE GORGE's lower elevation compared to Asheville will equate to the warmest Asheville area zipline  (about 3-5ºF warmer)

Autumn is a time of harvest and gathering, not only crops - but memories too.  Gather your friends and family and come experience an unforgettable ride through the rainbow at THE GORGE.