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The New Free Ride System

Raising the Bar for Aerial Adventure

“More fun and a whole lot easier!” This weekend marks the unveiling of our new state-of-the-art Free Ride System. (Just think self parking car - take your hands off the wheel and let the guide do all the work.) The new Free Ride System is totally stress-free, allowing riders to experience the canopy tour without hand-braking, timing the release of handlebars or pulling themselves in if they stop short of the landing platform. Engineered by Bonsai Designs, the current design leader in the aerial adventure industry, this system moves participant’s handlebars closer to their body, creating a smoother ride and, through a fully integrated retrieval system, eliminating any hand-over-hand pulling for lighter guests to reach the platform. The addition of this system will welcome a wider range of the population to zipline on what many call ‘the ride of a lifetime’, plunging into the rugged, untouched wilderness of the Green River Gorge of North Carolina.
“We’re thrilled about the introduction of the new Free Ride System. We pay close attention to new technology being introduced in the aerial adventure industry, and have been waiting years for this. Not only are we able to install a system that improves the overall safety of ziplining, but it also makes our course even more accessible to visitors.” says Sara Bell, owner of The Gorge. “Combining new products that allow for a more comfortable experience, speed up platform wait time, and eliminate participants’ interaction with the cable in a way that allows them to do what they came here to do - fly through The Gorge without a distraction - is a huge win for our guests." .

The steepest and fastest zipline canopy tour once again raises the bar for aerial adventure. To book your flight on the new Free Ride System, click here