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Stay Young at Heart, Baby Boomers!


Zip lining is not just a young man’s game, especially here at The Gorge! Our course is designed for people of all ages to come zip and have a successful and exciting trip. Our knowledgable guides patiently and thoroughly coach each guest through the zipping process before they embark down the first cable. You will feel well informed and prepared by the time your guide looks at you and says “you are are all set to zip!”

All adventures leave from the back porch of our outpost and do not involve climbing up ladders or hiking on strenuous trails. You will be soaring from tree top to tree top and your feet will only touch the ground for two short nature walks on well maintained, mild gradient trails. Our automatic braking system is one of the most unique features of our course and coincidentally it maximizes safety and makes the course much more friendly for those worried about learning how to stop themselves. At The Gorge you can cruise down the ziplines and soak in the whole experience without having to stress about when you should begin to brake.

If you are asking yourself if you’re too old to zip, the answer is no! Our course is friendly and exciting for kids, parents, and even grandparents. It’s the perfect place to come and get zip-lining crossed off your bucket list! If you would like more information, read through some of the testimonials below, or call us and any of our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions.

Check out this video of the very first participant to ever zip the course. Bonnie is 84 and smiled the whole way through the gorge. http://goo.gl/4NPcHY


“Our guides Sam and John were terrific! Fun, knowledgeable, very safety conscious and encouraging to us older folks (55 and 61)! The other employees were all very friendly and helpful too.”

“I did not know what to expect. I did not know if I would experience fear or concern. Did not feel either. It was just plain fun for a 73 year old man that loves the outdoors and loves to hike. I have hiked the Green River a number of times.”

“The guides were experienced, entertaining, and made the trip better than I expected. I never zip lined before. After a few runs with these guys I was 100% confident in their abilities and keeping me safe. Great experience.”

“We had a most excellent experience. My wife and I are in our 60’s and [are] always looking for safe, exhilarating activities. We found it at the Gorge! Stay young at heart and healthy Baby Boomers, zip the Gorge!”