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Spring Break Adventures in The Green River Gorge Gorge

Maximize Your Adventure This Spring Break!

Spring Break at The Gorge

Coming to the Asheville, Greenville or Saluda this spring break and want to maximize your adventure? We’ve got you covered! Check out just a few of the things you can do in the Green River Gorge and Saluda this spring.

  1. Ziplining at The Gorge
    Spring is an awesome time to be at The Gorge. The trees are and flowers are budding in vibrant colors of white, pink, and yellow. PLUS you still get the epic views of winter due to the missing canopy. The forest is truly alive after its winter sleep.
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  2. Paddle the Upper Green River
    Did someone say a river adventure? This is a great one with capital A. Th Upper Green River is in the heart of NC Wildlife land, which means you are surrounded by wilderness and quickly leave civilization behind. Talk about a reboot - you will feel alive and accomplished after paddling this section of river that includes class III-IV rapids. (experience not required)
    More Info: Green River Adventures

  3. Paddle the Lower Green River
    Younger kids included? This one is for you (ages 5+). The Lower Green is a super fun adventure for people of all ages. This guided trip will take you down 3 miles of the Lower Green River that is easily navigable. Lots of scenery and lots of fun.
    More Info: Green River Adventures

  4. Hike in the Green River Gorge
    Hiking in the Green River Gorge in springtime is kind of like going on an Easter Egg hunt. If you look around, you will see beautiful spring flowers every color of the rainbow. After the bareness of winter - the color and vibrancy is such a visual treat. You feel like you have discovered the secrets of the forest. Not to mention …you are rewarded with epic views as you hike through the gorge.
    More info: Secrets of the Gorge

  5. Mountain Biking the Green River Game Lands
    In recent years, the Green River Game Lands has become a hidden destination for avid mountain bikers. The trails are not for the faint-hearted, but it is some epic single track if you are willing to earn your turns.
    More info: Secrets of the Gorge

  6. Hike to Little Bradley Falls
    The short hike to Little Bradley is TOTALLY worth the payoff. This 35-foot multi-level falls off Cove Creek is proof of just how spectacular the Green River Gorge really is.
    More info: Secrets of the Gorge

  7. Fishing in the Green River
    Grab a fly rod and make the magic happen. The cold, un-silted waters of the Green River make it one of the finest trout streams in Western North Carolina in Springtime. You will find Brook Trout (known is Brookies), Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Catfish in these waters.
    More info: Secrets of the Gorge

  8. Stay at Blue Firefly Inn
    The Blue Firefly Inn is possibly one of the most charming places to stay in downtown Saluda. This gorgeous bed & breakfast is geared towards outdoor enthusiasts and has some delicious food to boot.
    More info: Blue FireFly Inn

  9. Eat at Purple Onion
    Did someone say delicious food? The Purple Onion is open for lunch and dinner and is hopping every weekend with great food and live music.
    More Info: Purple Onion

  10. Eat at Ward’s Grill
    Want something laid back and beyond kid friendly. Ward’s Grill will take you back to your diner days with good ‘ol burger, fries and a milkshake on top.
    More Info: Tompson's Store Ward's Grill

  11. Breakfast at Wildflower Bakery
    Is breakfast your jam? (pun intended). Or lunch? Head to Wild Flour Bakery for fresh baked good, delicious sandwiches, and not to mention dessert.
    More Info: Wild Flour Bakery