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Shirts with History

Our shirts are constructed using plastic bottles and recycled cotton scraps


When you are getting ready in the morning and you decide to slide on your favorite Gorge t-shirt, it probably does not cross your mind that you are actually wearing recycled plastic bottles. That's right, your shirt was constructed using 8 plastic bottles and recycled cotton scraps. Who knew plastic could be so comfortable?

The folks at Recover Brand have a solid ethical outlook on clothing design that is easy for anyone to understand. We are excited supporters of Recover Brands and their efforts to minimize environmental impacts by using recycled materials to create apparel. The company was founded by two North Carolinian road cyclists joining together to turn their passions into something tangible. Nothing is more inspiring than to see a company take their natural surroundings into consideration and strive to lessen their impacts.

Next time you wear your favorite Gorge t-shirt, consider the journey that all of the materials had to take in order to wind up in your closet. These shirts really do have a neat history.

For more information on the process that Recover uses to make their clothes, check out the diagram below.