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Is Your Kid Ready for the Next Family Adventure?

Tips on How to Know if Your Kid is Ready for a Mountain Adventure

Happy kid kayaking at The green river

You’ve made it through those sleepless nights, diapers are a thing of the past and before you could even blink your kids are getting on the bus to school! As summer approaches, you’re ready to get back outside and experience some family adventure. But are your kids ready? What a great question and one we get all the time. Check out our suggested guidelines below and let’s do this!

For starters how about family fun at The Gorge zipline? Kids LOVE The Gorge, but know ahead of time we have a minimum weight is 70 pounds -no if ands or buts about it. As well, your child should have the ability to follow basic directions and most importantly…you feel they would enjoy a thrilling experience.

How about a paddling trip down the Lower Green River in an inflatable kayak? The suggested minimum age is 5 and we recommend that kids ages 5-7 ride in the front of a 2-person kayak with an adult. We’ve found that most 10-year-olds are physically capable of paddling their own kayak. Some kids as young as 8 years old have great success paddling their own kayak if they are athletic/active and possess the fearless attitude and personality to take control of their own craft. So if your kid is under the age of 10 and you want to play it safe-get a double kayak. Smiles for miles!

Ready to step it up and paddle the Upper Green River in an inflatable kayak? We’ve seen countless 12-year-olds and young teens successfully navigating the Upper Green. We suggest a minimum age of 12 because the Upper Green requires 2.5 hours of active participation and has several intense rapids. This a great adventure for families with young teens. We recommend the Upper Green for active, independent participants who are ready to challenge themselves. If you’re not sure which Inflatable Kayak trip is right for your family, the Lower Green is a great section of river to learn basic techniques and control of your kayak before tackling the Upper Green. Our guides love helping youngsters develop kayak skills. We make exceptions for participants as young as 10 on the Upper Green who have previous kayaking experience or who have paddled the Lower Green and are ready for the next step. The beauty and thrill of the Upper Green are hard to beat anywhere!

Our waterfall rappel trips are incredible and have been featured in countless publications over the years, but is your family ready for this adventure? 70 pounds is the minimum for the Little Bradley Falls Rappel and the suggested minimum age is 12. For the incredible Big Bradley Falls Rappel, the minimum weight is 90 pounds and we suggest participants be at least 15 years old. We make exceptions on age as long as your child can demonstrate maturity along with the ability to follow directions. This trip requires participants to be aware of their surroundings, and it helps, especially with younger kids, to have previous experience with heights and being in a harness (rock climbing or rappelling). Your child needs to have an acumen for learning kinesthetic movements or sports quickly (ie. take instruction well).

All of our programs have a built-in progression where there is instruction, practice, and then the activity. Also, all of our programs have an entry-level and more advanced option. We have family adventures for all adventure and skill levels. Give us a call, we’re always happy to discuss which activities will make for an unforgettable family vacation!

Kids having fun at The Gorge