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Fall Fishing on the Green River

Fall is One of the Best Times to Fly Fish the Green River


Fall is just around the corner and the changing of the seasons might be the most beautiful time of year in the Green River Gorge. Besides the spectacular views, there is also good fishing to be had with the cooling of the hot summer days.
The cold, nu-silted waters of the Green River make it one of the finest trout streams in Western North Carolina. You can find Brook Trout (known is Brookies), Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Catfish in these waters. Between Lake Summit and Fishtop Access you will find Wild Trout. Fishtop was originally called Fish-Stop as Hammer Factor Falls (or Fishtop Falls) is as far upstream as the warm water fish can spawn. From here up, you will mainly find trout. The best place to find Brookies are in the Green River tributaries.

Brookies look like living jewels and are actually part of the Char Family. From Fishtop Falls Access to Cove Creek (about three miles is managed under the North Carolina “Delayed Harvest” regulations), this section can be fished from a boat or by wading. The last access point downstream is Big Rock Access and is a regular hatchery supported area. From big Rock to Lake Adger is about 4 miles. Spring and fall are the best times to fly fish the Green River. Be sure to check dam flows here.
For more ideas of what to do in the Green River Gorge this fall, check out our free downloadable guide "Secrets of the Gorge".

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