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Drone Tours at The Gorge

The Future of Eco Tourism

“So much fun, you won’t believe it!!!”, says John Grace of AMONGSTiT Magazine, a leading adventure publication. That’s just one of the many incredulous statements we’ve had from first-time participants of our new Drone Tours at The Gorge Zipline in Saluda, NC. Originally pioneered in Europe, human drone tours are said to be the future of eco-tourism. We’ve designed four unique tours of pre-determined flight patterns for guests to choose from:

“Superman" - forgot your cape? It’s okay, it’s provided! This flight plan features super feats of flight as you zoom across the Green River Gorge from view point to view point.

"Soaring Eagle” - Ever wanted to fly? It’s your turn. This tour mimics the flight pattern of the Bald Eagles that frequent the Green River Gorge. Don’t forget to use your eagle-eye binoculars (provided!) to spot rodent and trout prey as you circle the fields and streams below.

"The Narrows” - The Green River Gorge is famous for this steep canyon section. You’ll feel like a Jedi as you fly low and take tight turns while watching world-class kayakers paddle down waterfalls.

"Top Gun” - Fly-by permission granted! Our most extreme drone tour will have you pulling “G”s and buzzing towers as you Cruz through the Green River Gorge. Bring your wing-man, this tour can be synchronized with another participant.

Of course, this isn’t real, but we think you’ll love our Zipline Canopy Tour ;) Happy April Fools!

-The Gorge Team