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Be Your Own Badass

Tips On Overcoming What Scares You

Spiders, heights, snakes, germs, needles, flying, public speaking…Let's face it we are all afraid of something. Fear is a natural reaction that has helped us stay away from danger for millions of years. In the modern world, many people fear situations that have much lower stakes but react in the same way as a life-threatening situation. These fears limit our full potential. It is time to quit being a hostage to the boogieman and face your fears.  Here are some tips for helping overcome YOUR fears and instead enjoy the excitement of that exact same experience! 
Name It
Name your fear - face it and own up to it. Running from it will only make it stronger. 
Understand It
Understand/learn what you are about to embark on. Understanding will help you feel calmer. 
Visualize It
Visualizing the adventure while you are smiling, laughing, and enjoying it. These thoughts will sink into your subconscious diminishing your fear. 
Take it Slow
Conquer your fear at your own pace, not Evil Knievel’s. Appreciate your courage and be proud of the steps you are taking to conquer your fear. 
Deep slow breathing in and out of your mouth is proven to calm. Changing your breathing can change your state of mind. Calm your breath…calm your mind.  
Accept the Challenge
Accept it and conquer it. Audibly tell yourself you no longer want to be a slave to this fear. You got this! 

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Now go conquer the world and show us all just how much of a badass you really are!