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10 Great Adventure Date Ideas

Add Some Excitement, Spiciness, and SPARK to Your Relationship

Date Night at The Gorge

While routine date nights are always fun, think of them like your favorite pair of jeans you can count on any time. Adventure dates, on the other hand, are like your sexy black dress or that dapper sport coat tucked deep in your closet. They might not be right for every day, but when thrown into the mix they can bring a lot of excitement, spiciness, and SPARK to a relationship.

Adventurous date ideas aren’t just to spice up your date night routine, they can also help you fall deeper in love. Seriously. It’s scientifically proven. Novelty cannot only help you fall in love, but it can also help you stay in love. The reason why is those new and fresh activities, activities that promote a twinge of fear (like The Gorge Zipline), and trying new things, all release dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is one of the same chemicals that are released in the brain during the beginning stages of a relationship. A lot of the butterflies you feel during that time period can actually be attributed to dopamine!

We know our bodies naturally release these chemicals when we fall for that special someone and knowing that let’s focus on what we can do to trigger this magic cocktail of chemicals in our brain. Whether you’re just getting into a new relationship or you’ve been in one for what seems like forever, take advantage of our top 10 love spark inducing activities!

1. The Gorge Zipline
Fill your body with endorphins while zipping at incredible speeds through magical old-growth forests at The Gorge.

2. Upper Green IK trip
If you are ready to test your skills, check out Green River Adventures Upper Green Inflatable Kayak trip. If you really want to test your relationship and see who wears the pants in the relationship…do it in a double kayak, haha!

3. Waterfall Rappel
Thrills, beauty, water, and an adventure all wrapped up in one nice package. No doubt there will be a celebratory hug at the finish of this one! Rappel Bradley Falls.

4. Lower Green Adventure
Not quite ready for a serious thrill-seeker? A float down the Lower Green is your ticket. Go tubing or better yet- go down in inflatable kayaks with Green River Adventures.

5. Mountain Bike Ride
If mountain biking is your thing, check out Green River Game Lands for epic trails. New to the sport? Check out Duport for great riding for all levels.

6. Hot Air Balloon Ride
The Blue Ridge Mountains are the perfect place to float on Cloud 9 in a hot air balloon.

7. Climbing/ Bouldering
Nothing gets the juices flowing like hanging 20 feet in the air from a cliff! Only a short 20-minute drive from The Gorge, Rumbling Bald is a great place to boulder and climb. New to the sport? Check out your local climbing gym.

8. Sky Diving
Talk about an adrenaline rush! Jump out of the plane and jump into love.

9. Swimming under Waterfalls
Want to go check out some waterfalls and absorb some positive ions? Check out the amazing waterfalls right here on Cove Creek. Download our Secrets to the Gorge for more information.

10. Whitewater Rafting
Want a whitewater adventure but don’t want to be the captain of your own ship? Rafting is the sport for you. USA Raft offers adventures on both the French Broad and Nolichucky Rivers.